From Roman times to Game of Thrones

Italica was populated by the Turdetani since before the Romans. Enjoying a unique strategic value, Italica saw its splendour during the times of its children, the emperors Trajan and Hadrian, this latest being the one who conferred the city the status of “colony”, that is to say, “city like Rome”.

The visit to Italica goes beyond a trip through time: it is also a trip to one of the filming locations of the acclaimed Game of Thrones series.

Discovering Italica…

Italica was the first Roman city on the peninsula, founded during the second Punic War (Rome-Carthage), at a key moment of expansion. It has 52 has of extension and the greatest urban advances that the Roman civilization got to have: thermal baths, sewage system, forum and cryptocopter…

Trajan and Hadrian, two of the greatest emperors, saw the sunlight for the first time in its land: an exceptional honour, no doubt, and consequence of its relevance at that time. The city of Italica was inhabited until the Muslim period, even becoming known as Sevilla La Vieja (“Seville The Old”).

The city of Italica can be visited freely (and free of charge) or by arranging private or group guided tours.

Theatre and amphitheatre


Italica offers its visitors an unforgettable architectural ensemble: its streets still preserved, the Temple of Trajan, the thermal baths, its beautiful mosaics in the remains of the opulent villas, the forum… and, of course, its Roman theatre and its famous amphitheatre, one of the largest in the world and of great fame at the time because of its spectacular gladiatorial fights.



The set of Italica mosaics deserves a special consideration. The most famous, without doubt, is the representation of the days of the week through their associated deities. Also noteworthy is the jocular mosaic that depicts the “struggle” of pygmy men with the fauna of an exotic river.

Game of Thrones


The ruins of Italica toured the world and captivated millions of followers of Game of Thrones. Its walls and ruins became the ruins of the Well of Dragons and, likewise, some memorable scenes of the series were filmed, as when Tyrion returns to face his sister, Queen Cersei, carrying a creature from beyond the Wall…


Culture, gastronomy, architecture, art, amusement parks for families… In less than 20 minutes around you, you can find both the fascinating Seville, the 3000 years old Carmona village or the beauty of our mountain range.

What would you like to do?

One step away

Torre de los Guzmanes Hotel is located just 10 km north of Seville.

10 minutes from the Magic Island amusement park, La Cartuja…

Taking a step further, you will find Triana: cradle of culture that is now the heritage of us all.

And crossing the brilliant Guadalquivir River: Torre del Oro, Macarena, Aquarium, Giralda, the Cathedral.

Our excellent location will allow you to be in the very heart of Seville in just 20 minutes.

The Water Route (Ruta del Agua)


It is a beautiful hiking trail that crosses the old mining train track and links to The Water Route (Ruta del Agua), which runs along the banks of the Huelva river and looks out over The Gerbes Reservoir, with beautiful views in the middle of nature.

  • Level: easy.
  • Distance: 12 km (circular route).
  • Time required: 3-4 hours.
  • Slope: 70 metres.

The recommended starting point is next to La Cantina Restaurant, near Guillena.



It is difficult to completely visit Seville in one time, and therefore you will feel inclined to come back again and keep on discovering it.

What cannot be missed:

  • Getting lost in Triana, through its streets, its corners and bars where flamenco is not just a tourist-oriented show.
  • The Cathedral and the Giralda, as well as the old town, the largest in Europe.
  • The Alcazar and its gardens.
  • The beautiful Torre del Oro.
  • A walk through the MarĂ­a Luisa Park.
  • Tapas and gastronomy.



Carmona is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its walls are older than 3000 years.

Its origin dates to the Neolithic, and it was walled and enlarged by both the Phoenicians, their “sons” the Carthaginians and later by the Romans, who, after their active participation and rebellion against Carthage, granted it special privileges and the right to mint money. In Muslim times the city was embellished even more with its Alcazares, and already in Christian times it became the favourite of Pedro El Cruel.

Carmona is a true journey through the history of our land and through the melting pot of our people.


Torre de los Guzmanes Hotel will be perfect if the reason for your trip is working and business, because of its excellent location and connection both with the airport and the business park of La Cartuja, the business park of La Rinconada or Nuevo Torneo. As well as for the fast access to the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES).

The hotel also has facilities for business events, and a spacious car parking area.

On a work or business trip to Seville? We have the perfect location!

Our special location, a few minutes from the business parks of La Cartuja, La Rinconada or Nuevo Torneo, makes Torre de los Guzmanes Hotel the ideal location for work and business clients, and therefore we have special rates for them.

We are 15 minutes from the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES) and 15 minutes from the Seville airport, which are other reasons why we offer an excellent accommodation for business trips.

Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES)



The Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES) is easily accessible from our hotel, being only 15 minutes away.

Just 10 minutes away from La Cartuja, La Rinconada, Nuevo Torneo


Are you coming to Seville with your company? You will be able to get fast and avoiding traffic to the business parks of La Cartuja, La Rinconada or Nuevo Torneo.

Airport and business trips


The Seville airport is really close to our hotel and it is perfectly communicated by both Ronda Super Norte Road and the SE20 / A4 Roads.


+34 955 789 175 / +34 955 787 429


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